Brattleboro Retreat

GPI has completed a number of highly valued projects at the Brattleboro Retreat focused on improving patient care.  Whether building spaces from architect’s plans or designing the space based on program needs directly with their staff, every project has added incredible value to the patient experience.  From the Tyler Patient Courtyard completed in 2012 and costing $450,000 to the 4,300 square foot Pharmacy gut-renovation completed in 2013 and valued at $694,000, to the $220,000 2014 Admissions and Medical Clinic renovations, and most recently the Tyler and Osgood Activities Suit renovations completed in 2016 and costing $246,000, we partnered with the Retreat to make much needed change possible.

Other projects include the Emerging Adult inpatient unit renovations, various renovations to the Meadows School, residential program renovations, and countless other inpatient unit and office improvements.