Great River Terrace

Project overview

Great River Terrace is a project conceived and executed by the Windham-Windsor Housing Trust and Stevens and Associates Architects. The concept was to create 22 single occupant micro apartments for low income and homeless individuals and to provide mental health and counseling services onsite. The housing trust purchased the property with the intent of renovating two existing motel buildings into the apartments, and to build a third building that would house a large community space, offices, a conference room, and laundry facilities. With the low budget presented by GPI Construction, the housing trust was able to expand the footprint of the community building, and eventually with the unacceptable condition of one of the existing buildings to tear down and rebuild it. The project features high performance building techniques including High R-value insulation and air sealing details that met Efficiency Vermont’s High Performance Building standards. The project was completed in July 2018 for a final value of $2.79 mil.