• Roof Replacement
    Roof replacement and roof top mechanical upgrades to a local insurance company summer 2013
  • Greenfield Restoration
    Greenfield site restoration of former wholesale building material company. Project consisted of local planning approvals, asbestos abatement, building demolition and site restoration.
  • Citizen's Bank - Middlebury
    Citizen's Bank - Middlebury drainage work
  • Brattleboro Retreat Serving Area
    Newly renovated Brattleboro Retreat serving area
  • Landmark College Dorm Renovations
    Landmark College Dorm Renovations
  • Springfield Savings & Loan New ATM Installation
    We recently completed installing a new ATM at the Springfield Savings & Loan in Springfield, VT
  • River Valley Credit Union - Springfield
    New interior and exterior modernization for Springfield, VT's River Valley Credit Union
  • Brattleboro Retreat Cafe Renovations
    Brattleboro Retreat Cafe Renovations. Approximately 2800 square feet of renovations to the main dining room of the Brattleboro retreat.
  • WTSA FM Tower
    WTSA FM tower upgrades - installation of new equipment building, due Spring of 2013
  • Completed Brattleboro Retreat Courtyard (after)
    Completed Brattleboro Retread Courtyard
  • Completed Proctorsville Church (after)
    Completed Proctorsville Church after 2011's Hurricane Irene damage.
  • Brattleboro Drop-In Center
    GPI partnered with Vermont Yankee and C&S Wholesale Grocers to renovated the Brattleboro Drop-In Center in September 2012
  • Renovated Warehouse (after)
    GPI recently completed the renovation of a warehouse into a 1 bedroom apartment.
  • Brattleboro Retreat Courtyard (before)
    The Brattleboro Retreat courtyard project was started in early May. This project, when complete in early July, will be the parking lot entrance to the campus of the Retreat.
  • Linden Lodge Relocation
    In November of 2011, GPI and the State of Vermont put together a partnership at the third floor of Brattleboro's Linden Lodge, and the Brattleboro Retreat. The real estate division of GPI, known as FGRE Real Estate, entered into a lease hold approval agreement with the Brattleboro Retreat. This in return allowed state employees to move to the third floor of the Linden Lodge for a period of 1 year while their offices were being renovated in downton Brattleboro. A new entrance canopy and entrance to the elevator was installed. Existing patient rooms were rehabbed to become bright, and cheery offices.
  • Private Residence Renovation
    Private residence renovation.
  • Apartment Renovations (before)
    In May our crews started to renovate BG Enterprises on Birge Street in Brattleboro. Bob and Barbara George, customers of GPI for 35 years, are renovating a new apartment. Our crews are busy installing sound resilient channels to ensure privacy between floors of apartments.
  • Proctorsville Church (before)
    During the summer of 2011 Hurricane Irene destroyed the church and parish hall. After months of estimates and negotiations with the insurance company, and meeting FEMA design requirements, work is underway! The new parish hall is scheduled for New Years Day 2013.
  • Rutland Price Chopper Renovations
    GPI's crew spent the month of January in Rutland, Vermont working at the Price Chopper removing an existing bank facility, and rehabbing the area into a wine and beer display. Our crews travel where our customers want us to go!
  • Maintenance Replacement
    Maintenance replacement for banking customers.
  • BMH's Gannett Building
    Doctor's Clinic upgrades to BMH's Gannett building in Brattleboro
  • Cultural Intrigue in Full Bloom
    Cultural Intrigue in full rust Core10 'bloom'
  • Stratton Town Office
    Stratton Town Office improvements.
  • Fuel Tank Repairs
    GPI's team troubleshoots for many of our customers. This past May a customer complained of water in their fuel tank. Our team put together excavators, oil burner specialists, and concrete folks to expose the lines, repair the lines, form and pour the concrete, and pave-in to ensure a local insurance company a trouble-free, water-free, tank system.
  • Brattleboro Key Bank
    Downtown Brattleboro's Key Bank dyed and stamped concrete
  • Newfane FairPoint
    Standing seam roof at Newfane Fairpoint switch office
  • BMH Improvements
    Brattleboro Memorial Hospital room #321 improvements
  • Brattleboro Brueggers
    Brattleboro's Brueggers completed. Located in the Price Chopper Plaza.
  • Road Scholar
    Road Scholar, Putney Road in Brattleboro, Vermont has employed GPI to modernize their parking area.
  • Wind Storm
    GPI and our subs performing critical picks after a wind storm in May 2010.
  • Brattleboro Subaru
    Brattleboro Subaru is relocating its wash and detail bay. GPI was design build low bid for this project. This project was completed the first week of June.
  • Wilmington Richards Group
    Energy efficiency improvements to the Richards Group Wilmington, VT location.
  • Deck Installation
    New deck being replaced and installed
  • Chesterfield Fire Department
    GPI performing roof work for the Chesterfield, NH Fire Department.
  • Brattleboro Savings & Loan
    GPI performed some renovations over a long weekend at a Brattleboro Bank.
  • Latchis Theatre Marquee
    GPI was contracted for an emergency situation: rehabbing the Latchis Theatre's marquee, overhanging Main Street in downtown Brattleboro.
  • Keene Richards Group
    The newest Richards Group location, in Keene, NH
  • Roofing at FairPoint
    Recently finished roof for FairPoint
  • Putney Doctor's Office
    We recently converted this building in Putney to a BMH Doctor's office.
  • RVCC Drive-up Canopy
    New RVCC drive-up canopy being installed
  • Burlington Citizen's Bank
    This past September 2009, GPI serviced Citizen's Bank in the Burlington area. We had 8 various project locations which included granite curbs, walks, replacement windows, foundation drainage, and painting.
  • Holton Home
    Holton Home Fall 2009 addition, which included solar hot water. This project consisted of 4,000 sq.ft. of additional living and activity space for the seniors.
  • Brattleboro Boys & Girls Club
    GPI doing clean-up after Hurricane Irene at the Boys & Girls Club of Brattleboro.
  • Entergy Media Center
    GPI worked to upgrade Entergy's Media Center.
  • Tela
    Fenced-in caging completed.
  • Deck Installation
    New deck being replaced and installed
  • Playhouse Repair
    Some of our smallest jobs can be the most sentimental-- like these critical repairs on this old playhouse.
  • Veggie Oil Tanks
    GPI spent 3 days rigging 3 veggie oil tanks from the interior of a Wilder, VT manufacturing facility.
  • ENVY
    ENVY 2010 3-stop elevator in full Spring completed color
  • Granite City Electrical Distribution Center
    Granite City Electrical Distribution Center
  • Drive-up Curbs
    Drive-up curbs being installed
  • Burlington Citizens Bank
    This past September 2009, GPI serviced Citizen's Bank in the Burlington area.We had 8 various project locations which included granite curbs, walks, replacement windows, foundation drainage, and painting.
  • Steeple Restoration
    Centre Congregational Church steeple restoration in downtown Brattleboro. Project management construction service due for completion December 2009.
  • WTSA AM Radio Tower
    WTSA AM radio tower being installed.
  • People's United Bank
    Newly installed drive-up window at People's United Bank